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Welcome to our brand new online shop! We’ve got a really fantastic selection of our favourites and most popular items straight from our butchery in South Gorley, for delivery across the UK. We offer a flat rate of £5 shipping or completely free on orders above £100!

It’s so exciting to be able to share some of our local produce with the whole country at the click of a button - all perfectly insulated and packaged with our specially chosen courier. Is there something you’d like to see here to purchase online? Let us know!

Sirloin steak

Sirloin steak

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Origin - Hampshire, UK

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We offer grass fed, free range beef from a careful selection of local farms. We hand-butcher our meat using traditional techniques. Our meats are prepared in the time-honoured traditional manner, matured on the bone and presented to customers by our professional and passionate butchers.

We have a wide range of cuts available for delivery, including roasting joints, burgers, mince and a variety of steak cuts.

Bishop’s Farm – Ringwood, Hampshire

Most of our beef comes from Andrew Bishop whose farm is in Ringwood, Hampshire. Andrew has lived on the farm all of his life and before him the farm was run by his father, Norman. Norman and Andrew have always managed the land naturally. The fields where they graze their beef cattle and grow the feed benefit from higher level stewardship status. The cattle are started off by grazing in the meadows beside the River Avon and then moved on to to a diet of Lucerne (Alfalfa) and Sanfoin (Holy Hay) which are both ancient grains with significant benefits for the animals, the environment and the quality of the meat.

Chalcroft Farm – West End, Hampshire

We also work very closely with the Owton’s family, who have been connected with Chalcroft Farm for over 400 years with the earliest known records dating back to 1257. The Owtons have been associated with supplying shops in the area since the 1800s.